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Advanced Child Security and School Automation System

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Innovative, GPS based vehicle tracking and Fleet Management Solution

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Cutting-edge, Zero capital cost Personnel Management Solution




RPTS - Remote Personnel Tracking System


RPTS is a Global, GPS based, Cloud hosted enterprise solution which will help you make your business more efficient and help it grow seamlessly. It helps you track and manage your resources remotely so you can improve productivity and efficiency. It requires no capital investment, is simple to deploy and use – your company’s personnel can be on-boarded and can start using the application in a matter of days.

It’s highly customizable and modular so you can sign up for what exactly your organization needs.

Infinitely scalable and Globally applicable. Grows with you and takes you from being a local or national player to a truly global enterprise.

No hardware and software licensing costs. The system is up and running for you with no hassles within days of inking a contract.

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RPTS Standard Edition (SE)

Makes every attendance system before today obsolete! Allows companies to continue growing over widely dispersed geographical areas while making sure you are constantly aware of your personnel’s efforts and are able to re-deploy them to new locations with minutes of effort at the backend. The package includes comprehensive Attendance and Leave Management Systems.

-         Imagine fully automated Attendance Tracking and Management across sites spread all over the world – with NO hardware or software costs!


-         Add to the above a complete Leave Management System customized as per your company’s HR policies – again NO hardware or software costs!


-         This is the future of Personnel Management




RPTS Enterprise Edition (EE)

The power of Attendance tracking and management, Leave management and End-to end Marketing flow all rolled into one easy to use and deploy package.

-         Includes Attendance and Leave Management Solutions and also a powerful and complete end-to-end Marketing Management Solution


-         Ever wondered where your Marketing personnel were in the field and whether they were able to map their day efficiently? RPTS Marketing Solution is the answer. This is a simple to use, robust system which allows to consolidate leads, assign leads and then track personnel movement across the globe to ensure a high level of efficiency – NO hardware and software costs.










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